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CR Screen Cleaning

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Storage Phosphor Image Plate Cleaning Kit
Product No. 260811 Only $39.46 Each!

cr Screen Cleaning KItDo your Screens have BLACK SPOTS that cause MINUS DENSITY SPECS on your images or smudges from hand lotions, topical medications, food etc? Our screen cleaner will not perform MIRACLES, however you can expect it to clean spots and smudges you may have thought IMPOSSIBLE and possibly save you the expense of replacing a CR Image Plate.


  1. 16oz First Source
    Screen Cleaning Solution
  2. 2ea Lint Free Cleaning Cloths

Storage phosphor screens should be cleaned every 200 exposures, every 30 days or when artifacts appear. Under normal use conditions, storage phosphor screens will eventually show wear. This may occur from abrasion of the protective overcoat or inadvertent physical damage to the surface. Certain chemical solutions, hand lotions, topical medications, food etc, may also damage the screens. Screen wear can result in artifacts on radiographs.
CAUTION: Isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) is not recommended for cleaning storage screens.

To Clean:
  1. Gently clean only the soiled area’s on the storage phosphor screen.
    Never spray the cleaning solution directly on the screen.
  2. Then clean the whole screen with a moistened soft cloth with First Source
    Screen cleaner.
  3. Dry the phosphor screen with a soft dry lint free cloth.

CR Cassettes and screens contain lead and other chemicals regulated due to environmental considerations. For disposal or recycling information call First Source Inc.

TO ORDER CALL 704-845-3049

Ask for
Product # 260811
$39.46 Each


CR screen cleaning
DR Panel, DR Imaging Plates, Ultrsound Transducer and Ultrasound Probe Disinfectant Wipes.



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